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2023 Honda Talon 1000R sitting on a grass field
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America's Grassroots Racing Advocate. 

The U.S. Motorsports Association is the only grassroots racing advocate in America solely focused on the protection & promotion of all types of racing at all levels.  We work every day, all day, with one mission as America's Grassroots Racing Advocate.  

Discover how USMA can support your business or racetrack at: 

Life is better Side-by-Side.

Imagine the adventures.  Dream up your own path across limitless destinations.  Create lifelong memories.   

Built with Passion. 

The Honda Talon 1000R comes from the factory with revolutionary technology.  Raceco-USA, America's leader in off road fabrication & engineering took it to a whole new level.    

2023 Honda Talon 1000R

Contributors and Specs

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2-Seat Spec Cage

Fiberglass Roof

Radius Rod Kits

A-Arm Pivot Braces

Trailing Arm Pivot Brace Kit

Tie Rod Kit

Sway Bar Frame Brace

Shock Tower Brace

Solid Lower Doors


Geolandar SD Off Road Tires 


GT/S.E. Suspension Seat

4.2 Harness

Leather Flat Steering Wheel


Mojave Eliminator Series Exhaust w/Rear Valance Guard


Delta Non-Beadlock Satin Black Contrast Cast Wheels


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